Scrapstorian Spaces II

Inspired by a regular feature on the Canadian Scrapbooker blog, Shar, Brande and I wanted to share where we create with you. Check out the first post here.

Well, since I lost my camera on holidays :( I am back with the not so great phone photos!

Here is my scrap space in progress. I have collected the furniture over the last several years and once I have it really organized in the way that works best for me I can start working on the decor! I love having my own space and am very grateful for it!




Acknowledgements: The desktop was a wicked idea from my sister and brother in law and was partially built from Christmas and birthday prezzies from the folks.

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Scrapstorian Spaces I

Inspired by a regular feature on the Canadian Scrapbooker blog, Shar, Brande and I wanted to share where we create with you. I have posted about my space before but it is always changing. As my style and favourite products evolve, so does my storage and organization. I think I like organizing my supplies almost as much as I like using them.

My space is in the basement. We have a small house – just right for us! – so things down here must be mutli-purpose. This is a scrap space, office and guest room all rolled into one. Let’s start with a panoramic shot of the room:


On the left is a small drafting table I bought at Michaels last year. It holds a sewing machine I will someday use and is also a space for crafty friends to use. Next to that are my re-purposed movie store shelves. When a friend who managed a store had to get rid of these, my husband helped and could see a use for them. At different points in time, those held stamps, ink, 6×6 paper pads, ribbon, washi tape and jars of buttons, brads and embellishments. (The jars are a running joke; Brande will be so disappointed at the next retreat when I don’t bring any.) They have been a huge bonus in this room, even though I am currently using them less.

Here’s a shot of those racks when they were full:


The Ikea shelf next to that (it’s not an Expedit, and I can’t find in on the website, sorry) holds all of my paper, some albums, magazines, projects in progress and some extra tools. Believe it or not, those three American Crafts organizers hold all of my paper. For now. ;)


I used to store much more in this shelf, but I’m realizing more and more that things need to be close to my desk. Or, right on top of it. If things aren’t right there, they won’t get used. This area required a re-do quite recently. After the three year old coloured all over herself with a Silhouette sketch pen, I had to move some things out of the reach of little hands. Since I don’t open this window, the windowsill became a storage area for scissors, extra adhesives and, yes, pens. My pens and markers are now in a makeup case far from little fingers. It works well, actually. I can reach everything but the kids can’t see what’s there. :)

The trays all over my desk are Ikea basket inserts and I love them. They store PL cards (and fit into a Raskog, if you are so inclined), punches, embellishments, paper scraps, stickers … you name it, I put it in one of these. They have replaced the jars! (Somewhere, B is gasping! lol) Every time I go to Ikea, I buy more of them. (They are $3! Come on.)

The one thing you can’t see in this photo is a set of three drawers; this holds ink, more ink, some markers (that I don’t mind sharing) and seasonal supplies that I need less often. An Ikea tray holds all of my stamps on top of that. (I told you, they are amazing.)


Moving on, we come to my changing-table-turned-art-journaling-station. It’s a great place to work standing up and it holds all of my paints, spray mists, stencils, watercolours and messy stuff. The paints, mists and art journal supplies used to be in Ikea trays until the kid-friendly re-do and then they moved to containers with lids. It still works well. I know where everything is and it’s quite accessible.


My computer, Silhouette and printer just sit on the same type of folding banquet table that I use for my scrap table. And that’s my space! Care to tell us about yours?


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