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OLW Blog hop hosted


Welcome to the second One Little Word Blog Hop! (Thanks to Nikki for all the organizing!)

Tell me about your vision for yourself. What does future you look like? What does she think? What does she want? What does she need? What does she do, day to day, without fail? How does she interact with her family? Friends? Strangers? How does she react when faced with challenges?

All of these questions swirl around in my head (more often than I’d like to admit). Each one has merit and validity to my life but I can’t answer them all at once. What I can do is create a reminder of what the life I want looks like. That, OLW friends, is my vision board. Creating a vision board was the February prompt for Ali Edward’s One Little Word® workshop.

My word for 2015 is shine, and, with the exception of the Thickers I used, it doesn’t appear at all on my board. Odd? Maybe, but it works. The idea behind the vision board is simple. Take a stack of magazines, whatever looks interesting to you, and flip through them with your eyes open for words, phrases and images that speak to your word or the things you want your word to bring into your life. (Maybe more accurately, the things you want to bring into your life. The work is up to you.) Since the only magazines I had laying around are scrapbooking related, my board went into artsy mode very quickly.

I used some random text pieces over the background, and then started adding the images and words that were important to me. I overlapped the edges of the canvas with the paper and then wrapped it in washi tape. I also added some large gold glittered circles. My OLW album is filling up with gold accents, so why not continue that theme?  :)

I love that the phrase, “What will you create?” jumps out. It has meaning beyond a project or a page and reminds me that I have to create time and space for my family and myself.



One of my favourite parts of the board has my name all over it, literally.  ;)  I wish I could credit the artist who created it; it’s from an old Creating Keepsakes magazine, I think. (I had torn it from a magazine long before this project.) It really is the perfect sentiment for my board and my year.




That’s it, friends. That’s the board that will remind me of what I want, need and should work for this year. Does it hold everything that I need to remember? No. It’s not meant to (for me). It’s not meant to be a laundry list. It’s a visual reminder to create, to breathe, to embrace life and to shine.

Shine on!

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Full Circle Moments

I want to tell you a story ….

During one of the most challenging, tiring, saddening (maddening?) months of my life, I found myself looking everywhere for something, anything to help me feel temporarily better. My kids and I were away from home for almost five weeks, without our anchor. My husband keeps us all balanced, centered and calm. Even though we were with family, we were really off without him. We had traveled to attend my grandmother’s funeral and were staying until he joined us at Christmas. The kids were acting out; they were confused, angry, sad and had no idea how to show me any of those things. I was sad, lonely, angry, frustrated and felt I couldn’t show them those things.

I wasn’t at my best, not even close. While I was shopping, I saw this:

Kelly Rae Roberts Let it Go

I had to have it. I hung it in my spare room/scrapbook room/in front of my treadmill and tried to take it in. Consider this the beginning of the circle …

The next section starts at Chapters (I could browse there for hours). This particular trip led me to the self help section and a book called The Gifts of Imperfection. The tile alone was meant for me, but what sold me was a review from memory keeper extraordinaire Ali Edwards. I left the book sitting on my nightstand for months but started following Brené Brown on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. (I told you I was looking.) At some point, I watched and re-watched her TED talks. Section two of the circle.

While wasting time checking Facebook one afternoon, I saw a video promoting Dr. Brown’s art journaling e-course. I couldn’t do anything except watch, cry and repeat over and over to myself, “I have to take this course. I have to take this course.” So I did what any good listener would do, I listened to my gut and took the course. I have since decided that meeting Dr. Brown (It feels weird to type that, I tend to only say Brené in real life and anyone who knows me well knows who I mean. ;) ) must be on my bucket list. Her work is incredible and I admire it more than I can explain. Section three.

So what happened during the course? Friends of Dr. Brown’s appeared in videos and I started to realize what a circle of amazing whole-hearted women were out there. First to appear in a video and talk about how art changed her life was Kelly Rae Roberts. I loved her attitude, her work, her spirit. I went back to that print I had purchased almost two years before and, imagine that, there was her name. I had a piece of her work in my studio all along and had never realized it. Next to come in a video was Ali Edwards, the scrapbooker whose review led me to buy The Gifts in the first place. It was all some sort of crazy cosmic confirmation that I needed this course, these lessons and these people.

At the end of last year, I decided to sign up for One Little Word®. I took a week or so to think about words, and consider what word I might need. I saw an Instagram photo that referenced “shine” and it made me pause. It found me later that week while shopping. Every piece of art that spoke to me that day had shine on it, somewhere, somehow.

And who was the artist of the piece I just had to have? Yep. Kelly Rae Roberts.

Kelly Rae Roberts Shine

I feel like these artists have all been part of a journey for me – a journey to find my inner artist, my inner story teller, my inner brave one and I could not possibly be more grateful for it.

Circle full.


Layout Love!


Okay, taking you a wee bit back in time with this blog post to share one of my very, very, very (did I mention very!) favourite layouts of all time. I found this sketch, based on a layout by Amy Mallory, in the March/April 2013 edition of Creating Keepsakes Magazine and I cannot even begin […]

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What can one word do?

OLW Blog hop hosted

Welcome to the One Little Word Blog Hop! (Thanks to Nikki for all the organizing!) Words have power. One word can uplift, inspire, motivate, energize, remind you or drag you down if you let it. It can help you move forward or pull you back. I half-heartedly chose a word to work on last year […]

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